NFTs: source of protection and passive income

As digitalization is on its way to colonize the whole world, you hear a lot about NFTs. Non-fungible tokens, they are used like a DRM, with many more features. The cryptographic world is changing, so keep up with it by being well informed.

NFTs, as a way to protect your digital works

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, once designed are and remain unique from each other. A bit like QR codes that identify an object specifically and precisely thanks to all the information that has been recorded. Find out more by consulting the NFT Comparsion. You can create your NFTs yourself; as long as you have your wallet attached to a blockchain, especially Ethereum. Once created you attach a token to each of your creations. One token for each object. By doing this, you ensure that you preserve your authorship. And, as the owner, you also ensure the authenticity of that work through that token. To top it off, now that traceability is the order of the day, you can follow your item absolutely anywhere it goes.

Likely source of revenue

Note first that while NFt seems to be getting a little bit involved in crypto, that's not to say you can expect to turn it into a revenue stream like crypto-currencies. Besides, they have many dissimilarities. You can design them yourself, of course. But the biggest problem will be how to sell them. Selling these tokens is still problematic. On the other hand, it is really possible to get some money if you choose NFTs for your work. Especially in the field of rare art, crypto collections, photos or games, there is no better way today to charge those who misuse your work without any return. Because of its traceability you can demand percentages of the revenue collected by a third party from the extent of use of your product. With NFTs, enjoying your work would no longer be so simple.

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